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Talent Concept

Talent concept

According to the future management trend and the success factors of human resources management in the future, the goal of the Group's human resources management in the long run should be to build an atmosphere of co-creation, sharing and common development between enterprises and employees, and to realize enterprises, employees, government and society. Win, its basic meaning has the following three points:

(1) The human resources strategy should be adapted to the company's strategy, fully mobilize the employees and enterprises to start a business together, and create a beautiful tomorrow for Zhejiang Zhongshi;

(2) Human resource management should balance the interests of the company and the interests of employees, so that the interests of the two are closely connected rather than antagonistic, and the company and employees must share the results and cultivate the ownership of the employees;

(3) Pay attention to the personal development of employees. While developing the enterprise, we should not neglect the development of employees. The personal value of employees should be continuously realized and improved with the development of the enterprise.

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