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Yangzi Petrochemical low-temperature propylene compressor ushered in the first disintegration overhaul

Editor:浙江中石机械有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-09-17 

On September 12, Yangzi Petrochemical's low-temperature propylene unit compressor GB001A stopped, and began the first major overhaul in 15 years of operation.

The low-temperature propylene plant is a secondary key device of Yangzi Petrochemical. Its main function is to balance the company's propylene materials and return low-temperature propylene to Bluestar Adisseo. The unit is located in the oil storage area of the storage and transportation plant and was completed and put into operation in 2003.

The compressor is the core component of the operation of the low-temperature propylene plant, and its working conditions directly affect the refrigeration effect and the receiving capacity of the low-temperature propylene plant. In the past 15 years, the staff of the low-temperature installation of the storage and transportation plant insisted on special care for the compressor, and the unit has been in a good operating state. However, due to continuous operation throughout the year, some "small lesions" have accumulated. Due to the failure of the compressor motor, it is necessary to park for 15 days for maintenance. The storage and transportation plant sees the needles and arranges them properly. The compressors are also cut out for inspection and maintenance.

The GB001A compressor is manufactured by the Swiss company Berkhard. The imported equipment is the first disintegration and overhaul. Some of the contents were previously encountered by our technicians and maintenance units. If we do not understand the internals of the compact compressor. Structural and assembly parameters require significant impact on compressor performance after overhaul. The storage and transportation plant attaches great importance to it, assigns the production technology department to carry out special guidance, carefully study according to the equipment manual, and consults the archives to check relevant technical data, and masters the key data of the gap of the labyrinth seal and the technical index of the guide bearing according to the original drawings. In the early stage, a lot of meticulous preparations were made, maintenance and repair plans were formulated, spare parts and construction units were implemented, and the process of technical delivery and technical disclosure were carried out on site.

On September 12th, the three piston rods of the low-temperature propylene compressor GB001A were safely taken out, and the 15-day compressor overhaul battle was officially launched.