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Soil “carbon emissions” can be accurately predicted

Editor:浙江中石机械有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-09-17 
    Recently, Associate Professor Qi Zhifeng of Tianjin University and the Joint Northwest Pacific National Laboratory-Maryland University and the Global Climate Change Institute have made new progress in the construction and application of soil heterotrophic breathing process models. For the first time, they have been able to accurately monitor soil “carbon emissions”. A process model system that more accurately predicts the effects of soil heterotrophic respiration on the atmospheric environment.

   Based on the main control process of soil heterotrophic respiration, the team of Qi Zhifeng constructed a new process model of soil respiration rate in response to changes in soil moisture content. It is understood that the model is integrated into the soil attribute big data for the first time, and the quantitative relationship between model parameters and soil properties is re-established, which can more accurately reveal the intrinsic relationship between the microscopic mechanism and macroscopic laws of soil heterotrophic respiration. Compared with the traditional empirical model, this new model has greatly improved the universality and reliability, and can significantly improve the prediction accuracy of soil heterotrophic respiration carbon emission. The introduction of this new model is expected to improve the accuracy and forward-looking prediction of carbon emissions in global climate change in the Earth system model, and also provide new methods and research ideas for improving the accuracy of climate environment prediction.